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Chandeliers & Lighting

Chandeliers  and lighting are bold statement pieces that will enhance your decor and create ambiance.

We have chandeliers in a variety of sizes allowing them to be used in a number of modern ways.  Hanging chandeliers over guests tables with flowers on top makes for a fabulous centerpiece as does placing a chandelier over a tall glass vase (EED offers fresh flowers).  We have  giant chandeliers for large rooms along with long pillar chandeliers that will hover over the floor creating a shimmering focal point at an entrance or around a dance floor.

 If your ceilings don't allow for chandeliers, we have plenty of other lighting options, including mini lights, paper lanterns, and lamp posts. We also offer small add on pieces like vine lights that can be woven through flowers or submersible LED lights to enhance centerpieces. There are so many ways to incorporate lighting into your event. 

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